Published on : 02 April 20204 min reading time

There are many styles of dresses for any occasion. First of all, a wide choice of colours: from white, pale pink, grey to turquoise! You can choose a simple touch of colour with the belt or pretty flower petals on a white dress. Or you can choose the whole dress in the same colour. Different styles: like a puffy princess dress for volume, an asymmetrical dress for originality, a flared dress or a simpler, classic, but still effective one! Then we play with materials: tulle, satin, lace … Several accessories are available to add a touch of personalization to your outfit. A bolero, a waistcoat or a girl’s formal dress if it is cooler. Belts of all colors accompanied by bouquets of flowers if your child is a child of honor. Skirts or a petticoat to add volume to your child’s outfit. Gloves and tights to be chic even in winter. From head to toe with pretty shoes and ceremonial hats! And of course, don’t forget the little bag or pouch to do as mom did.

Boy’s costume

As with the dresses, you’ll have a choice to dress your little boy too. From suits tailored for babies to teenagers. From classic black suits to more original colours such as grey, beige or blue. Of all fabrics of the best possible quality: matt, satin, or shiny depending on the taste and the occasion! To accessorize it all, you can choose from a large number of tie or bow tie colours: from turquoise blue to pale pink! Long or short sleeve shirts depending on the weather! Pretty shoes to do like daddy! But also belts, hats or even jackets and waistcoats for boys!

Baptism Dress

If you need to dress your little princess for a christening, you can choose the traditional white christening dress, but also more modern christening dresses with touches of colour: beige, ivory, pale pink … You can buy for your baby a long or short christening dress, in satin, organza, veil, tulle or taffeta, depending on the style you want! It is important to accessorize his outfit with a pretty baptism cape, a jacket or a bolero if the baptism takes place in winter (and even in summer it is not always very hot in churches!). Then pretty little white shoes or baptismal slippers. And don’t forget tights, depending on the season! A white cloth is a symbol of purity. A white cloth like a blanket or a diaper that you can personalize with an embroidery of baby’s name, the date of his baptism or a cross, a dove… but also a baptism bib to keep his outfit impeccable. You can opt for a pretty christening candle or a bow to add elegance to the ceremony. Finally, you can add a white headband, a headband or a crown to dress her hair!

Communion dress

If you decide to play the card of tradition, you can opt for the traditional white communion alb, simple or with a few details. In addition, it can always be used again for the profession of faith. There are dawns for boys and girls and even mixed dawns. Otherwise a pretty white dress simple or with a little fantasy on the material with tulle, some rhinestones or a little color to give a more modern side. And for a boy, you can opt for a sober costume: white, ecru or even black for a very chic look while remaining traditional. You can finish the outfit for a communicant with a pretty cape, a coat or a lighter jacket, depending on the season and/or your location. Nothing better than a few accessories to complete the communion outfit. Many accessories are possible for a religious ceremony. You can choose between white gloves or mittens. But also bags or purses with pretty pearls to complete the outfit.