A backpack, also known as a knapsack, rucksack, or back sack, is a fabric sack that one carries on the back and has two straps over the shoulders. Unlike single-shoulder bags, back sacks allow you to carry more items and worry less about shoulder pains. Other bags can have an internal frame, external frame and have body packs. You can get such comfortable and classic bags from Brunello Cucinelli backpacks. However, if you want to make your knapsack look more stylish and classy, here are some tips to make your rucksack look cool.

Personalise your back sack with buttons and pins

Buttons and pins can make your back sack appear stylish and classy, even if it is of standard quality. If you have a plain back sack with a solid colour, you can make it more stylish by adding cool buttons and pins. Cool buttons and pins can be from your favourite brands, website, food, drinks or TV shows. If you lack ideas on where to get these cool buttons and pins, you can get them in the various clothing stores and accessories and get a button that suits your preference. You can attach them using a needle and thread or glue and have your back sack looking stylish.

Customize your back sack with patches

You can use stylish embroidered or piece of cloth patches and have them sewn on or ironed on. Alternatively, you can tie pieces of cloth to the zipper tabs, and the fabric can have quotes, prayers or any other cool wordings or images that represent you. Whether ironed on or sewed on patches, they will make your back sack stand out from the others. This idea will make your back sack appear fantastic and unique.

Draw or write on your knapsack

You can personalize your knapsack by having cute drawings on it. If you have an artistic mind, you can show off your art skills by adding fabric paint or other decorating options to bring out your creativity. You can also make your knapsack look unique and stylish by making abstract patterns, drawing your favourite cartoon, or any design you like most and think is cute.

If you cannot draw, you can write something meaningful, like inspirational quotes or even copy lyrics from your favourite music sheet. However, you should be aware that some paints and pen marks can come out when washing your knapsack.

Get coloured permanent markers or fabric markers from any craft store and ensure that the marker is dark enough to bring out the drawing or writing clearly on the back sack. You can also use stencils, if they are available at your local craft stores, or design an excellent graphic with the fabric paint or use glitter glue. Drawing on your knapsack with sharpie markers will make your back sack look stylish and stand out.

Pin charms, key chains or brooches

Take it back to the old days and add key chains, brooches and charms to your back sack zipper pulls. You can opt to have a high-end designer key chain to your back sack to create a unique and stylish style. Alternatively, you can have key chains dangling off your zips. Though it is a common style, it’s never out of fashion. If you like neat brooches or badges on to the back sack, you can go for badges basing on your favourite shows, bands, cartoons or something that you love most and think it’s cute.

Add stick-on items

You can try adding some stick-on nose, stick-on eyes, and stick-on mouth objects to try and bring a new look out of your knapsack. You can get these and other study stick items at craft stores, toy stores and novelty stores. Once you get them, apply them on your knapsack easily using fabric glue or super glue. Be careful while super glueing since super glue can scald your fingers and stick on your skin.

Pick a standard colour

It is essential to pick a specific colour scheme for your backpack if you want it to stand out. First, confirm your knapsack’s colour. Your job will be easier if it’s a plain colour, but if it has many overlapping colours, selecting a suitable colour to decorate your back sack can be a bit tricky. Pick out nice decorating colours that will make your back sack appear outstanding. For example, if it is dark coloured, use bright colours for contrast, or if you have a yellow bag, you can use a warm colour scheme.

Parting words

Hopefully, the above tips can help you have a stylish bag. Check out some fantastic and fashionable backpacks like the Brunello Cucinelli bag by following this link.