Tattooing has existed for several centuries. It is considered as a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood or as an ordeal to put behind you a period of your life. The tattoo is not insignificant. To get a tattoo is to experience pain, but it is also an intimate and special encounter with your body. Here are a few tips for a successful tattoo.

Before getting started

Before getting a permanent tattoo, it is important to think carefully about the design you want. Giving a vague idea to the tattooist is not enough. You need to feel a special connection with the desired design, whether it is symbolic or not. Once you have chosen the design, you have to decide on the location. It is advisable to choose a part of the body that is less subject to deformations, such as the shoulder, back, ankle, etc. For health and/or professional reasons, certain parts of the body should also be avoided. The choice of the tattooist is also an ordeal. One should not hesitate to ask questions, to check the hygiene standards, to look at his previous achievements, to inquire about his reputation and his style. You will entrust your body to him. You must therefore feel you are in good hands!

The long-awaited moment

And there you are, sitting in the tattoo parlour, ready or ready to go! A tattoo, as everyone knows, is painful. You have to be prepared for it. With the help of a dermograph, ink is injected into your skin. Everyone has a different sensitivity to pain. Some areas are more sensitive than others. You can ask for a break when it becomes too painful. Take water and small sweets with you. This will give you energy and give you some comfort!

Once the tattoo is done

A tattoo requires some care once it is done. To keep the bandage put by the tattoo artist during approximately 24 hours is an imperative. You must also think of hydrating it often, two to three times per day, with an adapted cream. As long as your tattoo is not healed, it is necessary to wash it with an antibacterial soap that you will find in pharmacy. Avoid scratching during the healing process, avoid exposure to the sun, take a bath at home or at the sea, and go to the swimming pool are also tips that are best to follow. Head to the tattoo parlour now!