Amethyst jewellery

Amethyst jewellery: find a lithotherapy shop online

An amethyst jewellery online shop should offer the most excellent products and match their crystals minerals and also natural stones so as to care for the natural harmony which does exist between them. An online mineral shop permits you to…

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First piercing: what you need to know

Two reasons encourage people to get a piercing: by philosophy of life, or by pure aestheticism. No matter the reason and the place, the piercing requires preparation. It is part of minor surgery, so certain precautions must be taken. The…

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How to wear a bracelet well?

Some people might think that the bracelet is just a simple fashion accessory. However, wearing them requires a well thought-out choice if the goal is to enhance an outfit. Indeed, there is a vast choice of bracelet jewellery, as there…

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Our advice for choosing the right men’s jewellery

Having an accessory to finish your look, why not choose a piece of jewellery? A stylish Men’s jewellery is taking up more space in the world of accessories. But how to choose them well. An object that can be worn…

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Tip: how to remove scratches from the dial of a watch?

We all know that a watch is a jewel that makes the wearer more classy and elegant. This is why you wear it regularly to be at your best when you go out of the house, for example to work,…

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