Published on : 02 April 20202 min reading time

We all know that a watch is a jewel that makes the wearer more classy and elegant. This is why you wear it regularly to be at your best when you go out of the house, for example to work, to church or to a meeting. Sometimes, we can say that this jewel has become a part of us that we can no longer part with. However, it is important to know that the dial of the watch can get scratched over time. If there are a lot of scratches on the dial, you can resort to a new purchase, but if you opt for minimalism, you can find tricks to remove them yourself.

How do you remove scratches?

To do so, you need to take a soft cloth and wrap it around your finger. Make sure that the watch is facing a light so that the scratches are clearly visible. After this, the product concerned is applied to the surface by rubbing gently after a few minutes. Do not overdo it during cleaning, because if you are not careful, the damage can be aggravated. Therefore, for more or less deep scratches, one cannot expect too much a total disappearance of the scratches but rather their attenuation. However, if you have the means to see a jeweller, this is also a good solution.

On what surface can toothpaste be used?

The surfaces are not all the same so the products to be used are also different. Toothpaste, with its gentle effect, is effective in removing scratches from a watch. It is recommended for brushed metal to give it a more polished look while remaining brushed. Being also effective on chrome steel, the toothpaste will remove scratches without any risk. Toothpaste is also recommended for light scratches on glass.

What surfaces can withstand the “scratch eraser” paste or any Belgum ALU type product?

These products are best known in the field of car body maintenance but also have an effect on the scratches on a watch. It is recommended to apply them on polished metals to make them shiny, to preserve the aluminium and not to damage the surface. It is also recommended to remove deep scratches on glass.