How do you choose your shoes according to your size? Many women ask this question. First remove from your head that women can wear all types of shoes. Then follow this guide to avoid fashion faux pas.

Short-heighted people

First of all, high heels are perfect for short people. Indeed, this kind of shoes will enhance small legs. Round, but also small women should give priority to square heels. Also, round or thin, you can very well wear ballerinas to go to work. Sneakers are to be chosen without moderation. Also opt for derbies. However, if you have a little roundness, wear derbies with pants and not a skirt or dress.

For those who have an average waist

Good news for medium and slim people. You can wear it all. Choose only according to your taste. You don't need to highlight anything. Between pumps, boots, cowgirl boots, waders, etc., you have a multitude of choices on the market. In short, you can buy anything you like as long as it's in your size. On the other hand, women of medium size but round should avoid high heels. You should prioritize square or thick heels. When it comes to sneakers, choose wedges. Derbies, on the other hand, should be worn with cigarette pants.

What about tall people?

A tall, slim woman can wear anything, but be careful about the height of the heels. Indeed, heels should not exceed 6 cm. Ballerinas, derbies and sneakers will be your best everyday allies. Tall and plump women should also follow these same principles. However, you should give priority to shoes with thick heels. What you need to keep in mind is that you already have an almost perfect morphology. Avoid waders anyway, as this type of shoe will only make your beautiful silhouette heavier. Wear cowboy-style boots or only boots that are not too high. In short, here are a few tips and advice that can serve as a guide in your choice of shoes. Everything that is discussed will only help you avoid fashion faux pas, but you can buy according to your taste.