Published on : 22 January 20213 min reading time

Eyelash extensions should be cleaned several times in a week with shampoo to give them the TLC they need. Using the right lash shampoo breaks down any attached oils and other irritants that could lead to the detachment of the lashes from the lid. Understand that oils, impurities and bacteria interfere with the glue, breaking down the bond. Healthy and clean lashes are flexible and last long, saving you time and money. However, understand that not every eyelash extension shampoo in Canada is right for your lashes. Here, we give you tips that should guide in making the right pick.

The Effectiveness of Killing Bacteria

Lash extensions should be cleaned for many reasons, one of which is to prevent the build-up of bacteria. The shampoo you choose should keep your eyes and lids healthy and prevent the development of sties and other infections such as blepharitis. Choosing a shampoo with a drying effect will encourage the growth of bacteria and increase the risk of infections. Ensure that the shampoo you purchase has moisturising and hydrating effects.

It should be Tested and Developed for the Eyes

The fact that the eyelash shampoo you purchased has a “Tear Free” inscription does not mean that it is completely safe for your eyes. A lot of manufacturers and retailers only use this as a selling point. The right shampoo should be thoroughly tested by an ophthalmologist to ensure it does not irritate your eyes. It is always advisable to check out reviews before making your purchase. Most shampoos today are manufactured with allergens and irritants that could be harmful to your eyes. For instance, if you notice that the shampoo has fragrance, avoid it. Fragrance is scientifically rated as highly toxic. Any label “fragrance or “perfume” on an eyelash shampoo is basically a cover-up of chemicals that are not listed on the product. These chemicals put you at a high risk of respiratory illnesses, dermatitis and allergies.

Consider the Level of Toxicity

Some shampoos are loaded with toxic preservatives that could irritate not just your eyes but your lungs and skin. One of the biggest concerns of toxic products is that they could interact with other chemicals and become carcinogenic.

Extra Formulations

The eyelash shampoo you purchase should contain other benefits. Choosing a product that will keep your extensions longer in your lids could also mean boosted eye health. You might want to consider shampoos that contain cucumber and silk extracts or biotin. If your eyes are sensitive, you might appreciate the benefits brought by eyelash extension shampoos containing aloe, which is considered a natural antibacterial product.

Eyelash extensions are susceptible to bacteria and dead cells, which can then lead to a host of eye problems. This is why it is advisable to cleanse with a recommended shampoo. While eyelash extensions are convenient and time-saving, they require you to observe sanitary habits.