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Fashion goes out of fashion, but not the style !

Finding a good compromise between trends and elements that guarantee the enhancement of one’s appearance is all about sorting a fashion puzzle!. To do this, you have to have taste and determine your potential. The objective is not to follow fashion blindly. The idea is to create your own style while avoiding obsolescence.

Fashion is an art that is created and personalized. Fashionable clothes and accessories will not necessarily fit everyone. To look good and feel good about yourself, you have to refer to your physique.

type of shoes

What type of shoes?

The choice is very wide: ballerinas, pumps, boots, sneakers, sandals, high heels, etc. Wear the right pair according to the event, the season or the intended use: sport, wedding, evening, conference, summer, autumn, winter, etc.

kind of clothes

What kind of clothes?

Clothes adapted to his style and personality. Different clothing styles: classic, casual, minimalist, bohemian, etc. The trendy style consists of following the latest fashion trends for each season while personalizing your look.

kind of jewellery

What kind of jewellery?

Best companions of beauty, jewellery comes in different types (earrings, bracelets and necklaces), materials (gold, silver, gold-plated, copper, steel, plastic, feather, wood, ...), colours (plain, multicoloured, dark, bright, etc.)

How to be both chic and retro?

The retro look is a source of inspiration for many designers. When it comes to both fashion and hairstyle, many of the major brands orient their creations towards folklore, hippie chic or pop-culture to create works that are original, vintage and trendy at the same time.

First of all, you have to understand the retro look. A vintage garment was designed long before or during the 80s. To create a look that is both retro and chic, it will be necessary to exploit the style of the old days and adapt it to current trends. To do this, there are a thousand and one rules to follow. Combine modern elements with antique pieces. If you wear a sober outfit, don’t deprive yourself of wearing a few accessories (jewellery, bag, hats, scarves, etc.). The watchword: Avoid looking too busy and clothes in poor condition.

Matching jewellery and outfits: what are the rules?

Refer to your body shape, avoid a heavy look, choose elements adapted to your skin tone, dress according to the event or the context and opt for a versatile piece of jewellery.

Wholesome jewellery that goes with everything

" Wholesome jewellery " that goes with everything

Versatile accessories that adapt to all clothing styles, all body shapes and can be worn on all occasions.

Choose your jewellery according to your morphology

Choose your jewellery according to your morphology

Wear jewellery adapted to your body shape to enhance your beauty, be stylish and hide imperfections.

Jewellery adjusts to the shape of the garment

Jewellery adjusts to the shape of the garment

A fashion accessory appropriate to the outfit you’re wearing. The jewel that goes perfectly with the theme.

The companion of the outfit: the accessory

The fashion accessory completes the outfit. Even if it is not mandatory, this element gives a look a plus. Its main roles: complementing the outfit and personalizing the style. The fashion accessory must go hand in hand with the outfit.

There are several types of fashion accessories, including bags, hats, scarves, scarves, sleeves, belts, glasses, masks, headgear and jewellery. The latter are the most popular. They come in a variety of categories and enhance a person’s face, neck and posture. Some accessories serve as both adornment and protection. Eyewear can be used to protect against the sun and give a stylish look at the same time.

Shopping Mode: What are the trends?

Luxury retail stores, online shops, flash sales and discount stores are among the trendy fashion shopping formulas.

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Shops & concept stores

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